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The Love Of God Series: In this series, you will learn the most important thing in the universe – that is, the love of God. Pastor Segun Obadje will show you exactly how important God placed the subject of Love that without it nothing else can be achieve. This is evident in the gift given to the world by God – You will see that God gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ because He lovedthe world so much. The Love of God Series by Pastor Segun Obadje contains six (6) power-packed message that is uttered for your understanding and fulfillment. The following are  what you stand to benefit when you click the Add to Cart button:

  • The Love Of God
  • The Thrill Energy of Love
  • The Motivation of our Love Walk
  • The Illuminating Power Of Love
  • How to Walk in the Love of God
  • What You Need To Know To Walk In Love

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The Love Of God

One of the virtue we will ever understand and embrace in God’s kingdom is Love. Love is very pertinent in the life of a believer because we were saved by Love and Jesus Christ is the proof of God’s love to us. Beloved ,you cannot make a remarkable difference and impact positively in life without faith in God’s love. Do you want to get to the climax of scriptural revelation? Do you desire to walk in the blessings of Jesus Christ? Then you must walk in love. Listen to this explicit teaching by Pastor Segun Obadje as he shows us what God’s love is and how we can show our faith in His love. Let love flow through you today!

The Thrill Energy of Love
YES! God is Love. Do you know that the same God who is Love is also the fountain of life? Therefore, to live indeed is to walk in Love, for Love is Life. Jesus is the vine, the Father is the vine-dresser and we are the branches. Every branch that does not bear fruit will the Father (vine-dresser) cut away. Knowing that, how then can we bear fruit as a branch? What fruit are we to bear? What is the trill branch of Love? How can we abide in God’s Love?…All these and more has been carefully explained in this powerful message by Pastor Segun Obadje. As you listen, position yourself to bear the fruit of love as He has commanded.

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The Motivation of our Love Walk
One of the keys to productivity in life is motivation. Everyone has a call to fulfill. However, in order to fulfill this call, the right motivation is essential. As believers, we have been called to walk in love towards one another because it’s the way to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace and ensure oneness. How much love you express to people around is dependent on what motivates you. Beloved, what is your motivation to walk in love? How do you fulfill this call to walk in love?. Listen to Pastor Segun Obadje as he teaches on the motivation to our love walk. Let the desire to please the father by walking in love towards one another be your motive.

The Illuminating Power Of Love
God’s love towards mankind is so powerful that it does not consider how imperfect we are before it is shown to us. This kind of love is not physical, emotional or sexual, but AGAPE, the perfect form of love. God expects us to extend this same kind of love to others. Beloved, hatred, malice, unforgiveness and insincerity is not the true way to extend this kind of love, rather, through the energy of the Holy Spirit. In this teaching, Pastor Segun Obadje unveils the illuminating power of love. Listen with the desire to walk in love and you will be amazed at so much you stand to gain as you walk in love. Let Love illuminate your heart today!

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How to Walk in the Love of God

Having known the illuminating power of love, it’s hereby important to have the basic knowledge of how to walk in the Love of God. This will help you to grow in your walk with God and man. In this message, Pastor Segun unveils the procedures required to successfully walk in the love of God.


What You Need To Know To Walk In Love
Of a truth God is love. Any man who is born of God has the seed of love in him therefore he has the capacity to love. Beloved, it’s not natural for you to walk in hatred towards others; love is your natural habitat. Do you know it takes walking in love to make a remarkable progress of your life? Do also know you need the energy of the spirit of God to walk in love? Listen carefully to this teaching by Pastor Segun Obadje as he gives four specific points on what you need to know to be rooted and grounded in love. Let love be your goal today!