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The Favour Of God Series (7pt)


Who doesn’t want to be favoured by God?! Definitely, everyone desires to have God’s favour anytime and in all circumstances. But how does one get to be favour by God, is a question that is left unanswered in the mind of many. In the Favour of God Series by Pastor Segun Obadje, you will learn the exact steps on how to attract the favour of God in all that you do.

You will not only learn those step-by-step, practicals things to do but also have a clear view of how your need to connect with the supplies God has made available through Jesus Christ. Pastor Segun Obadje will reveal to you the laws of prosperity – showing you exactly how you can connect and communicate with the favour of God through giving.

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How do we Walk in the Favour of God

It is indeed the set time of God’s favour, the dispensation of the outpouring of God’s grace, a season when God Himself lifts the light of His countenance around His children, the time when heaven smiles upon the earth…It is however important as a believer to understand the dynamics of God favour and how to enter into it. Join Pastor Segun Obadje has he reveals what favour is and what it will do for you. Stay Blessed!

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The Principles that Governs the Operation of the Favour of God

Just as there are natural principles, so are there spiritual principles, but much more reliable are spiritual or supernatural principles as compared to natural principles. Ease of Movement in an airplane in motion is made possible and reliable to an extent because of the natural principle of thermodynamics but spiritual principles are more reliable than natural principles. So what is the principle that controls the natural? It is the principle of the word of God, and there is more, Listen to today’s message to know also the principles that govern the operation of the favour of God upon your life.



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God’s Favour Singles You Out

One moment of Favour is much more than a lifetime of labour. God wants to improve the quality of your life through Favour. If what you do rates you in the category of general standards, it’s not enough. You were born to reign in life through Favour. Listen to this message by Pastor Segun Obadje as you come into relevance and impact your world through Favour.

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The Mindedness of Favour The Mindedness of Favour

When God calls you ‘His highly favoured one’, how do you take those words? The things that God has in store for you are the things He has prepared before the foundation of the world. God has spoken well of you beloved. It is, however, your responsibility to come into the inner consciousness of what God has said concerning you to bring it to manifestation. Join Pastor Segun Obadje as he expounds on the subject – “The Mindedness of Favour”.

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The Principle of Manifestation of the Favour of God

It is evident from the scriptures that faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. Faith is a powerful weapon released for the performance of the Word, thereby, translating one’s conviction into materiality. Pastor Segun Obadje in this profound teaching expounds on the principles of the manifestation of the favour of God which is ‘The Principle of Faith’. Your situation should not change your conviction. Refuse to be down. Beloved, take your reference point from this teaching, stir up your faith and let it produce evident results. Shalom!