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Revelation Knowledge Series (4 Pt)


Without any doubt, God is a Spirit. The same God who is a Spirit cannot be perceived or known  by the flesh. It takes revelation knowledge to know God. Revelation knowledge is the  knowledge that the Spirit of God gives to your Spirit of the Word of God. Find out the importance of revelation knowledge and how a believer can come into the revelation of God’s Word as you listen to this impactful series by Pastor Segun & Funke Obadje. Stay Blessed!

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Revelation Knowledge Series by Pastor Segun & Funke Obadje is a powerful classic series in four parts: 1, 2, 3 & 4.


Revelation Knowledge (pt 1), Pastor Segun Obadje shows you by the Spirit of God what revelation knowledge and how you can use it for your benefit.

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Revelation knowledge goes beyond sense knowledge. It is actually the knowledge that is revealed by the spirit of God. Pastor Segun Obadje in this indepth teaching, has laid emphasis on the place of seeking revelation knowledge above all other things. Are you hungry for the revelation of God’s Word? Do you desire God to reveal Himself to you more than ever before? Sit down and learn from this inspired teaching. You can’t but be blessed!

Revelation Knowledge (pt 2)  shows in this in-depth teaching how you can make God to reveal Himself to you more than ever before.

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One cannot doubt the importance of the Word of God. The Bible even made reference to it as the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path. However, it is a grand error to take the Word of God and leave out the Spirit of God. Pastor Funke Obadje in this indepth teaching has shed deep light on the place of the Holy Spirit in walking in revelation knowledge. Listen and begin to live your life based on the revelation of this Word in your spirit. Stay Blessed!

Revelation Knowledge (pt 3) by Pastor Funke Obadje  reveals to you how to connect with the Spirit of God using the Word of God. She sheds more light on how you can avoid error by living the Word of God.

As good as it is to desire to know God, God cannot be known by the 5 physical senses. Reading or learning about God does not necessarily guarantee knowledge of Him. Beloved, it takes revelation knowledge in your Spirit to truly know God. The teachings of Pastor Funke Obadje has revealed how to come into the revelation knowledge. Listen, learn and live your life based on the revelation of God’s word.

Revelation Knowledge (pt 4) by Pastor Funke Obadje illustrate to you with so much simplicity and clarity on how you can transform your life with the Word. She teaches exactly on how you can receive the Word and builds on the background laid by Pastor Segun Obadje.

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