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Abundant Prosperity Series

Abundant Prosperity Series is a 4-powerful message that has been delivered by Pastor Segun Obadje in unleashing the practical nuggets to prospering abundantly. It’s God that maketh rich without adding no sorrow to it – Pastor Segun in the Abundant Prosperity Series shows you exactly how to attract the wealth provided by God with little or no effort from you. You will learn in this series:

  • Abundant Prosperity
  • Walking With God Unto Abundant Prosperity
  • Walking with God in the Fear of the Lord
  • How to walk with God

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Abundant Prosperity

Prosperity is one of the fruits God have in abundance for His children. But many at times, they find it hard to live in the reality and harvest these fruits that God has made available for them. The question that left unanswered in the mind of many is how do one activate the abundance that God has made available. Pastor Segun Obadje, in this teaching reveals the practicals guides to prospering abundantly. Click the Add to Cart button to get your copy. Listen and be blessed!

Walking With God Unto Abundant Prosperity

Beloved, do you know that when you abound in the Word of God, you prosper? In fact, continuous meditation on the Word of God is a primary and ancient secret to prosperity. Bear it in mind that prosperity is not in doing many things but in doing the right thing. Therefore, as long as you keep delighting in the law of the Lord, His prosperity would never depart from you. Listen to Pastor Segun Obadje (PhD) as he enlightens us on the lifestyle that is consistent with a prosperous man.

For Instant access to Abundant Prosperity Series, click the Add to Cart button!

Walking with God in the Fear of the Lord
As enthralling as reading the scripture is; reading it alone will not bring in-depth knowledge of the Word. It takes a deliberate walk with God to realize everything the Word has said. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is important, as it brings you to the awareness of what has been made available in Christ. Using Enoch, a Bible character as an example, Pastor Segun Obadje explains the importance of seeking God as a believer. This teaching is recommended to everyone who thirsts for in-depth knowledge of God.

How to walk with God

Do you know that faith anchored in the revelation of God’s word is the basis for a daily walk with God? Do you also know that the altar of prayer is the only place where the revelation of God’s purpose for you is birthed? Revelation can only be effective when faith is merged with a corresponding action. Beloved, as you listen to this message, embrace a life of consistent walk with God as you fulfill all that He has predestined you to be. Stay blessed!